Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin

The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

best foundation for sensitive skinHello Children! Thank you all for reading my first post! I am glad you are looking for the best foundation for sensitive skin. In the past I had no reason to look for the best foundation for sensitive skin but after the worst experience of my life and a horrible allergic reaction, I had to make some changes. It is my pleasure to give you tips to improve your skin. The daughters of the world are under more and more pressure to be looking their best and with people living longer and longer, looking young is more important now that it ever was before. If you are like me, then you probably have skin that does not react well to everything you put on it. It can be very difficult to find make up that will be comfortable to leave on your skin and will not cause your skin to itch and react. That is why I will be reviewing the best foundation for sensitive skin. It can be extremely difficult to find the best foundation for sensitive skin but do not worry, I am here to help, ladies!

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin – My story

The reason I want to advise you about the best foundation for sensitive skin is due to a horrible incident that I had happen in the past. While strolling through the mall, I decided to sit down and have some makeup applied to my face. I have done this on many occasions and have never had a problem. The store was quite crowded. After I had the foundation applied, the girl that was applying my makeup had to leave to answer an emergency phone call. I sat there for a few minutes, my face felt fine and I continued to wait.  Fifteen minutes later, the girl was still on the phone. I decided to get up and leave (remember I only had the foundation applied to my face). I was done shopping for the day, I hopped in the car and headed home. About thirty minutes into the ride, my face started to itch and burn but I thought it could be allergies. I did not even think it could have been from the foundation. I arrived home, my skin was crawling, I could have scratched off my entire face.

I went to remove the make up and take a look at my face. I walked up to the mirror, my face was as red as a lobster! My right eye was swollen shut! After removing the makeup, thoroughly and painfully, I headed straight to the urgent care. I told them what had happened and they informed me that the only possible cause could have been the foundation and It that I could be allergic to one of the ingredients. They also informed me that allergies can change every so often. Therefore, you can become allergic to a makeup that was fine yesterday. However, this was only the beginning. More and more products that I had used on a daily basis were causing me to have allergic reactions. I tossed everything. I switched all of my products to %100 natural ingredients. I only use all organic products. So the answer to the question, what is the best foundation for sensitive skin? Anything organic that does not cause your skin to react in a negative way.

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin – Skin Types

best foundation for sensitive skin

The first step in identifying the best foundation for sensitive skin is to identify what skin type you have. There are three basics types of skin; normal, dry and oily. Some people can have a combination of oily and dry. After you identify your skin type, assess your skins weaknesses. I have oily skin, I breakout with pimples very easily. On top of all my allergies. So, I need to avoid any makeup that contains a lot of oil. I actually avoid putting any oils on my face.

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin – My Tips

My advice is very simple for this one. Figure out your skin type to know what types of make up you should use and go organic. Even if you have not visually experienced negative side effects from your makeup, you have no idea what it can do to your health. There are more benefits to switching to organic make ups. Do you care about animals? Many animals are the victims of big make up companies. They test their make ups on animals in the early stages. By switching your makeup, you will help yourself while helping thousands of innocent animals.


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