Coconut Oil For Dandruff

Why Is Coconut Oil Used For Dandruff?

Today, Let’s talk about coconut oil for dandruff Hair care is possibly one of the hardest things we have to deal with. Too much product will destroy your hair. On the other hand, not enough product and your hair will be greasy. Then you have to find the right product for yourself which is another problem in and of itself. However, let’s talk about dry scalps. Not only is having a dry scalp terribly annoying.

Coconut Oil For Dandruff – Dandruff

You can scratch and itch your hair all day and it still won’t feel any better. As you scratch and itch, all the dead, dry skin falls from your head leaving dandruff on your shoulders. This can be terribly embarrassing. People walk by and see the dandruff and may assume you do not properly groom and take care of yourself. Although, sometimes even the cleanest people, who regularly wash themselves cannot avoid dandruff. Take it from me. I use some of the most expensive shampoo money can buy and I still have trouble.

Coconut Oil For Dandruff – Properties

I do have a simple solution that will take care of this problem very easily, Coconut oil for dandruff. Oil will take the dryness right away from a lot of things. However, we do not want to rub olive oil, or grease into our hair, especially if it is already greasy. Even if it is not, we know that greasing up our skin is a bad idea, it can lead to acne, unwanted pimples, skin rashes and whole plethora of other things. Plus, it can also stain your clothes, forever! However, coconut oil is very different.

So what makes coconut oil different from all those other oils? Well, coconut oil is not oil in the way you think about other oils. While it is still messy and will stain, a coconut is made up of mostly water and therefore, so is the oil. When the oil is applied to the skin it hydrates the skin. Dandruff is also caused by a fungus. Due to its antifungal properties coconut oil fights this fungus and kills it. Leaving the scalp feeling soft and looking clean. All of those unwanted white flakes will be part of history.

Coconut Oil For Dandruff – Recipe

You can get coconut oil from most food stores and some pharmacies. While there are many ways to apply it, this is my favorite treatment plan;

  • Warm coconut oil and put in small bowl
    • Add water if needed
  • Apply coconut oil to the scalp
  • Massage your scalp for five to ten minutes
  • Cover head and leave for a few hours
  • Rinse and repeat as needed

Coconut Oil For Dandruff – Hair Products

There are aplenty of other treatments and some shampoos may even contain coconut oil. Just check the ingredients to that you know what you are buying. Shampoos that are designed to eliminate dandruff can be extremely toxin to your skin and contain many toxic chemicals that can damage your skin after only a few uses. That is why it is best to stick with a natural product such as coconut oil. In my personal opinion, using coconut oil for dandruff is the most effective without applying chemicals and can leave the hair with a great shine! hope you guys all enjoyed this article. Please leave me some comments about other home remedies for dandruff or your personal experience with coconut oil for dandruff.

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