DIY Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks At Home

DIY Sheet masksHello Children! Today, I want to talk about DIY sheet masks and why they are amazing! Anyone even remotely interested in beauty knows that sheet masks are great, but also expensive. That is why DIY sheet masks are the future, DIY sheet masks work just as well if not better than sheet masks sold in stores and are really not expensive at all. The best part! DIY face makes are super simple to make and only it only takes a matter of minutes, thirty minutes to be exact. In the world we live in today, everything is at a premium cost, it is barley affordable to food shop nowadays. So anywhere you can cut costs on a product that is considered a luxury is an advantage that needs to be taken. These DIY sheet masks are good for all types of skin. Oily, dry and all other skin types will all benefit from this!

DIY Sheet Masks – Benefits

In case you are unaware of the benefits of face masks, allow me to go through the endless benefits. The DIY sheet masks I am going to teach you to make are made with chamomile flowers. All else aside, the chamomile will produce a very relaxing and peaceful feeling across your body. Another reason you should try sheet masks, is for the deep cleaning benefits. Scrubby soaps are great but they still leave a lot of dirt and oil trapped in your pores. Sheet masks will remove all that extra “gunk” that scrubs and cleansers will not remove. Your skin will breathe and feel amazingly fresh immediately after the sheet mask is removed.  This will leave your skin glowing, making you look youthful and gorgeous.

DIY Sheet Masks- Advantages

Furthermore, sheet masks will make your skin firmer. Loose skin will make you look a lot older and will cause skin to wrinkle. If you ever had dieted and lost even a little weight in your face, you probably have some loose skin. Great news, it only takes a few DIY sheet masks and that loose skin will tighten right up! This will also help diminish fine lines. Fine lines are just a part of getting old. Everyone has them and they become more apparent the older you get. Fine lines include brown spots; DIY sheet masks will take care of those as well.

DIY Sheet Masks -Hydration

Removing these fine lines will help give and even skin tone and a unified look across you the surface of your skin. This may not sound like much but a study was conducted and shows that people are naturally attracted to people with unified skin tones. Above all else, DIY sheet mask will hydrate your skin. Dehydrated skin is at more of risk to develop pimples and is more prone to acquire wrinkles. DIY sheet masks will moisturize dryer skin types which also makes it easier to apply make ups and will make you look younger.

DIY Sheet Masks – Recipe

DIY Sheet Masks - chamomileNow for what you all have been waiting for, the recipe. So, here it what you will need to make the DIY Sheet Mask:

  • Paper towels
  • Chamomile tea (1/4 cup)
  • Lavender essential oil (2 drops)
  • Apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp)

DIY Sheet Masks – Process

Once you have all the ingredients mix them into tea. Next, cut eye holes and a mouth hole in the paper towels so you can see and breathe after applying the DIY sheet masks. dip the paper towels into the water until they are completely soaked. Wring out the paper towel and place the mask on your face. Make sure it is not too hot, you do not want to burn your skin. That would defeat the purpose. Leave it there for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, remove the face mask and wash your face with water. Do this a few times a week and the DIY sheet masks will be working in no time.

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