How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Keeping Up With Your Hair

Hey now! Have you been told its bad to wash your hair every day? However, I have also been told the opposite. It seems everyone I talk to has a different answer for the subject which left me still wondering: how often should I wash my hair? With a little research I have an answer. Unfortunately, it is not so black and white. A lot of things come in to play; hair color, type, age and skin conditions all matter. It also depends what products you put into your hair and how often you use them.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair – Oily Hair

For people with oilier hair it is recommended to wash more often, as you may have already known. Depending on your skin type, your hair will get oily faster. Oily hair contributes to many unsightly features, dandruff, odor and pimples can all be caused from oily hair. Oily hair also attracts dirt more easily than non-oily hair. It is best to wash hair whenever it become oily. I am defiantly an oily person, so I have to wash my hair daily. If you buy expensive, salon shampoo you can get away with skipping a day here or there.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair – Dry Shampoo

There is always to option of dry shampoo if you do not want to shower as often or get your hair wet. Dry shampoo is not shampoo, make sure it is right for you before you try it. Dry shampoo is also great if you are trying to preserve a hair style from the day before. Have you ever gotten your hair cut, loved the way the stylist did your hair but lack the skills to recreated at home? You can apply dry shampoo to your hair the next day to preserve that style for an extra day or two if you are lucky. However, do not let dry shampoo replace your shampoo. If you realize you haven’t showered for a week because you have been using dry shampoo in lieu of actual shampoo, you might have a problem. As a result, the quality of your hair could suffer long term.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair – Dry Hair

If you have drier skin that you can get away with only washing your hair a couple of times a week. If it doesn’t smell and it does not look bad than wait as long as you need before you wash it. Shampoo is not very good for your skin so the longer you can wait between washes the better.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair – Fine vs Coarse

fine hair can be washed more easily than coarse hair. Fine hair also gets oilier quicker. You will have to figure out your hair type, how oily your hair is and what products you are using to actually figure out how often to was your hair. When it comes down to it, your stylist may be able to give you the best advice to keep your hair healthy and clean. If you trust your stylist.


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