The Highest-Selling Vitamin of the 2000s may Surprise you

Most of the supplements today are nothing but empty calories and fillers for their vitamins – like cellulose or starch! Even though a vitamin’s effectiveness has been shown in medical studies, the label often says no more than “natural”. Unfortunately, those who don’t know what they’re eating can be very dangerous!

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That being said, The vitamin industry has spent billions of dollars on lobbying and on marketing. One result is that millions of Americans are taking unneeded vitamins just to look and feel well and to get a “miracle” boost on their exams or tests.

Some doctors even recommend taking multiple vitamins at once. I’ve seen patients with stomach disorders, a severe cold, and resp
iratory problems, who were just taking a single Vitamin D supplement when I gave them the diagnosis.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D – D 2 in “ergocalciferol”, “cholecalciferol” or “calcitriol” – is the “sunshine vitamin” found naturally in human blood. This nutrient increases the number of bone-making cells (i.e. osteoblasts) in bone cells of the skin.

Osteoblasts are the bones that make your bones (i.e. osteoclasts), whereas osteoclasts make your bones – bone matrix. In other words, your bones are made out of Osteoblasts, so your child is making a lot (or a lot of these osteoclasts). Osteoclasts are also part of the healing response needed in wounds.

Vitamin D is also responsible for a wide variety of effects in bones of the body, including prevention of osteopenia as well as promoting formation of new bone, and reducing bone fractures.

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Osteoclast Flow Chart

But are we getting enough?

Many experts question the actual value of the vitamin D vitamin in the first place.

Here’s an overview:

A report from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states that in a recent study, men who took 400 IU of vitamin D daily saw just three additional days of rickets as kids, when compared to kids whose parents did not take vitamin D. But this is only a correlation, and there is no proof to tell us whether the vitamin D was even responsible for the rickets!


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